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Alonso Padron is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Atlanta area.
Teaching Since 1999
University of Georgia
Bachelor of Science
Minor: Music
Alonso Padron
Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele

Alonso Padron grew up in a musical household and has loved music all his life. Throughout his childhood, he would hear both of his parents play the piano around the house, his father playing jazz and his mother playing classical. Alonso's earliest musical memory took place at the age of 5, when he heard his father playing a record he had bought from Venezuela. He still remembers the catchy melody and the feelings it inspired. 

Alonso began playing music at age 10, beginning with the piano. He studied piano with an instructor for about a year, learning classical works such as Mozart and Beethoven. Though he made swift progress on the piano, he became enticed by the sounds of rock and popular music and eventually discontinued his piano studies to focus on other musical pursuits.

A few years later he studied the rudiments of percussion, but it wasn't until a friend showed Alonso a few chords of a song on a guitar that he became completely entranced. The year was 1986, and Alonso has been captivated by the guitar ever since. He began teaching out of his apartment in 1993, and has taught professionally since 1999 in a wide variety of capacities. He also took up the electric bass, and has played guitar and bass on several original recordings. He now teaches guitar to students of all ages, styles, and levels, as well as bass and ukulele at the beginner through intermediate levels.

Alonso pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, taking courses in music history, theory, and applied studies. Around 1991, while attending college, Alonso had a musical epiphany. While playing lead guitar at a gig backing up another musician, he found the experience to be so exhilarating and rewarding that he realized he wished to continue performing indefinitely. Since then, he has performed with several different bands and duos, playing almost every style of music including rock, folk, blues, soul, funk, pop, classical, and flamenco. He has played in rock outfits such as Street Poets and LB Collective, and at various venues throughout Georgia such as The Boar’s Head, The Brandyhouse, Somber Reptile, C.J.’s Landing, The Mansion, Smith’s Olde Bar, and The Strand, and most notably, at the prestigious club Vinyl in midtown, Atlanta. He has performed flamenco, both solo and with the duo Los Sonidos, in the Atlanta area at various art galleries, private parties, corporate functions, and restaurants, including Don Juan’s, El Portal, Sweet Devil Moon, Zocalo, and Saltyard in Buckhead. Other highlights have included composing and performed music for Georgia Public Television, playing guitar parts for various recording sessions, and recording 3 albums of original music. His 3rd album, entitled 'Dimensions,' charted at #22 on college radio.

Although Alonso has had varied education in music, ranging from private lessons to college courses to jazz studies, his most influential music teacher was his first private teacher, Steve Dukes. Not only was the 17-year-old Alonso impressionable at the time, but Steve was an inspiring teacher and a mentor, and taught everything Alonso ever wanted to learn. He taught him the solo to “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, which was the solo that had inspired Alonso to want to play guitar in the first place.

Alonso decided to start teaching because it combines all of his interests and passions, which are music, psychology, and interpersonal one-on-one interaction. Alonso has an exceptional ability to adapt to different personalities and ages, ensuring a comfortable learning environment for each student. He also maintains a careful balance between being very systematic, organized, and detailed in his lessons, while tailoring his teaching approach to each student's individual goals. If there is one goal that Alonso has as an educator, it is to inspire his students to inspire themselves.

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