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Luke Hudson is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Atlanta area.
Teaching Since 2012
10+ Years Performance Experience
Luke Hudson

Luke Hudson is based in Kennesaw, GA, and has been teaching the guitar to students of all ages since 2012.

Luke found himself fascinated with music from a very early age, and began singing and writing poetry when he was just four years old. He found joy in all genres and styles of music, from the perfect production of the first Boston album his dad would play for him in in the car to the emotionally powerful film score of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Throughout elementary and middle school, he learned how to play a wide variety of orchestral instruments. Yet despite the huge role that music played in his life, Luke had never thought about being a professional musician himself, until an event occurred in 8th grade that would change the course of his life forever.

After purchasing a cheap electric guitar from a friend who was trying to clear out his basement, Luke decided to look up some guitar tabs online, and the rest was history. Over a decade later, Luke is still playing, from the studio to the stage to the classroom. Always looking to improve and expand his musicianship, he has purchased thousands of dollars' worth of gear over the years. (As Luke likes to joke, his wife may not love it, but at least he's always rocking!)

Luke is a versatile musician who can play and teach any genre or style that a student may be interested in; his personal favorites include blues, easy listening, flamenco, folk, metal, rock, progressive rock/metal, and world music. His teaching specialties include ear training and composition/arrangement. Luke designs a customized curriculum based around the musical interests of each individual student. Students will not only gain mastery of their instrument and learn to play the songs they like, but will also learn some of the history of the genre, as well as music theory, gear recommendations, and ways in which they can continue to grow as musicians.

Homework assignments are both fun and functional: teacher and student will work together to set a goal for the next lesson, and Luke will recommend relevant listening material as either a piece to practice, as personal inspiration, or simply as new music to learn about and appreciate. His expectations for each student depend on their personal goals and how far they want to go. At the end of the day, however, Luke's most important value is ensuring that the learning process is fun, exciting, and hopefully surprising; he wants his students to walk away from each lesson excited for their own musical future, whatever that may look like.

Luke has taught guitar to students of all ages, from 7 year olds to older adults, and enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. In addition to teaching and performing, he is also pursuing a career writing the stories, scripts, and soundtracks for his own video games.

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