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Cesar Fernando Araniva is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home guitar, voice, and piano lessons in the greater Atlanta area.
San Juan Bosco University
Professor of Artistic Education
Cesar Fernando Araniva
Guitar, Voice, Piano

Cesar Fernando Araniva has been playing music all his life. He first picked up the guitar in early adolescence, and since then has felt a continuing passion for expressing himself through his voice and through various instruments. Music has been a fundamental part of his professional life as well as a means to communicate with his students and his audience at a very significant level.

Fernando graduated from San Juan Bosco University as a Professor of Artistic Education, and has mastered a wide range of musical genres including rock, folk, metal, blues, classical, flamenco, bachata, and bossa nova. Over the years, he has also participated in a large number of musical groups, with appearances on television and alternating with international artists.

As a teacher, Fernando is focused on student as an individual. He will ask about your musical goals and your favorite music, and will help you to explore your strengths and advantages as well as the areas in which you can improve. By knowing and understanding your musical goals in detail, Fernando can design a lesson curriculum specifically geared toward achieving those goals within a reasonable period of time.

Whether your instrument of choice is acoustic or electric guitar, voice, or piano, students of all ages and levels can benefit from Fernando's instruction. In addition to mastery of their instrument, students will learn theory and musical reading in a practical, quick and fun way. Fernando's teaching incorporates many elements including vocalization exercises, vocal harmony; finger and hybrid picking, slap, fast run scales, chord voicing, and much more.

No matter your musical goals, past experience (or lack thereof), or personal style, Fernando can help you take your music to a higher level!


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