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Daniel Padron is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Atlanta area.
Georgia State University
Bachelor of Arts: Music
Theory Concentration
Daniel Padron

Daniel Padrón was born in Caracas, Venezuela. When he just was three years old, his mother discovered that he had perfect pitch as he could identify notes she played on the piano without his looking. He took cello lessons initially, then switched to piano due to his overwhelming fascination with the sounds it could make. He was exposed to jazz and Latin music by his Venezuelan father, although he also credits his American mother for influencing his musical development. Daniel went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Music at Georgia State University while studying classical music and performing in the GSU Jazz Band. 

After graduating from GSU, Daniel became the leader of his own band based in Atlanta. His band, Tito Gato, performs Latin-Jazz and pop songs, and has performed at many concerts, festivals, and private functions. Daniel has performed as a solo pianist for many occasions, including weddings, private parties, and restaurants, and with numerous vocalists. He is also a critically acclaimed composer and songwriter. 

Daniel's teaching approach revolves around one question: what does the student want to learn? He finds that students often gravitate toward piano out of a simple desire to play certain music that they have heard. Daniel inspires his students to believe that they can recreate those pleasing sounds - and with his guidance, students of all ages and abilities have done just that!

Daniel believes in customizing his approach to best fit each individual student and their needs. Each student has particular strengths that Daniel uses to develop his or her confidence. If a student comes across a stumbling block, Daniel will devise exercises tailored specifically to that student in order to overcome that obstacle. 

Although Daniel likes to customize his approach, he still allows time to focus on the fundamentals of piano playing. The purpose of these fundamentals is to develop habits and techniques that apply to just about everything played on a piano. This includes posture as well as hand position, which of course includes finger, wrist, and arm motions. Daniel teaches his students to understand the importance of scales as the raw material for making music. These scales are used to develop good habits which ensure that each student continues to progress throughout their lessons. 

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