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Nancy West is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Atlanta area.
North Georgia College and State University
Bachelor of Arts
Special Education Inter-related K-12
University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music
Eastman School of Music
Nancy West

Were your earliest memories surrounding the love of music? Did your child wiggle in rhythm to the music since before he or she could speak? Music is one of the eight multiple intelligences defined by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard, and expanding on our multiple strengths, especially with music, has been shown to broaden our intellectual abilities in other areas, such as math and linguistics.

Nancy West is passionate about enriching her students' lives through the enjoyment of performing music and the development of a strong musical foundation.

Nancy has an extensive background in piano pedagogy, beginning at the young age  of 4 in Tokyo, Japan. She had the great fortune of studying under several excellent pianists, including a pedagogy lineage that can be traced to Franz Liszt. Nancy was the youngest student to be awarded a full scholarship to Cincinnati's Conservatory of Music at the age of 14, and she attended Eastman School of Music on a maximum scholarship at the age of 16. Because of her experience, she is  much aware of the dedication and extensive foundation needed to pursue a career as a classical pianist.

Not every student cherishes the goal of becoming a concert pianist, however, and Nancy also understands the value of simply fostering a love of music. The knowledge and skills gained from learning music can be applied to many other areas of a student's life. To apply oneself toward a larger goal, and to see the growth and accomplishments that can be gained from dedicated application and practice, gives us the confidence that we can learn and master much in life with time and dedicated effort.

A nurturing and compassionate teacher, Nancy works well with students of all ages and skill levels, from very young children through advanced high school and adult master-level students. She looks forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your musical goals, from advancing your skills to simply growing in your enjoyment and understanding of music.

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