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Madeline Mercer is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Atlanta area.
Kennesaw State University
Bachelor of Science
14+ Years Piano Experience
Madeline Mercer

Madeline Mercer has been studying the piano for over 14 years. As a young girl, she delighted in making the melodies she hummed around the house come to life on the keys! With an incredible teacher who believed in her, as well as hours and hours…and hours... of practice, lessons, and dedication, she brought home Superior awards year after year in competitions such as the International/National Piano Playing Auditions, National Literary Competitions, and other local competitions; she even graduated high school with an additional diploma in Music Study.

As she progressed through college at Kennesaw State University and also continued her music education, Madeline discovered that she had a passion for sharing the art with others. While this sharing of her gift originally took place through her participation in local bands and church music groups, she soon learned she had a special place in her heart for teaching others. Madeline has taught piano for over 5 years now, and has enjoyed every moment of sharing that same joy she hummed in her heart at the very start of her musical journey. Her mission is to see every child that she teaches not only learn the critical techniques and theory of the piano in creative ways tailored to their own personalities, but also to help each individual find the aspect of music that inspires them, allows them to express themselves, and spreads joy to others.

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